All Success starts from a Vision

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Let’s cut to the chase…

Mediocrity has NEVER been in the cards for you. You’ve been planning to break out of the mold for a while now. The 9-5? It’s unfulfilling. You’d rather be making it big and leaving a big impact than working for someone else’s dreams. Being the best dressed at the office Christmas party isn’t the legacy you want to leave behind. You want to stand for something bolder, something better, something brilliant.

That is why you started your online business. It gives you the freedom you’re after, allows you to serve the world and puts you square in the driver’s seat of your own life. You can create your own schedule, spend time with your family, and your paychecks have unlimited potential. 

That’s what

I’m here to teach you. 

Hi! I’m Azadeh Bennett

… and buddy, I know where you’re coming from.

Flashback to just a while ago. I was building my coaching business on the side of working in academia, devouring all the information I could find online about getting clients, setting up my website, and making sales. Still, it was so overwhelming to pull it all together into a process that made sense by myself.

That’s exactly
what I did!

I took my background in academia, combined with my experience of simplifying the concept to work for small businesses, and I applied it to my coaching practice. 

From this moment forward, we’re getting rid of the things that are no longer good enough for you:

  • Fumbling with how-to’s, blogs, and generic articles online that weren’t written with you in mind. (No wonder they don’t work.)
  • Sitting on the sidelines, watching other entrepreneurs succeed instead of you.
  • Silent inboxes, empty calendars, and social media posts that don’t get any love. (You deserve to be noticed.)
  • Haphazardly thrown together business pieces that don’t follow any real system or process.
  • Wishing, hoping, thinking, and praying about a future full of freedom, paying clients, and a full bank account. (That’s a vision that needs to be brought to life.)

And we’re replacing them with what you’re really after:

  • Giving your boss the pink slip and making the leap off the corporate ladder and into your dream lifestyle
  • Growing your income to your next level, whether that’s multiple 6-figures or your first $5k
  • Having drool-worthy offerings and the perfect packages that your ideal clients will be pounding on your door to get.
  • Getting recognition in your industry for the amazing transformation you provide and the value you give
  • Wishing, hoping, thinking, and praying about a future full of freedom, paying clients, and a full bank account. (That’s a vision that needs to be brought to life.)
  • A business you can run with ease, efficiency, and style

Buckle up,
we’re going for a ride.

How different will your life look, 4 months from now? How much clarity could you unlock? How many clients could you line up? How much money could you make? How much time could you save having a proven formula for success and a coach who can show you how to make it happen and keep you fighting for your dreams?

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